As a new ‘blogger’ and really not sure if anything I write will be of any interest I am a little unsure but hay ho.

My goal last year was to enter a few races, this I did with a couple of 10kms and a dualathon but what really left me hungry and wanting more was that of ultra running.  I finished off last year with the causeway coast half and although it was tough enough I was left wanting more of long distance events.

Backround is playing hockey since a young age and 9 years as a PTI in the Army.  Bit of a sickener of running there but I have retired from hockey so need a new fix and ultra running seems like a bit of craic.

Have set myself a goal of the mourne way marathon in june 14.  When that’s done i’ll see how it pans out.

Training is just a winter of getting used to running in the hills hopefully once a week if not every two and getting my weekly mileage up.

simple, maybe, maybe not.