Calf bother

Here we are into February now and finally the cold crisp winter seems to be taking hold of us and leaving behind some of the wettest weather I remember for quite a few years.

I have had an awful January, the main reason being the dreaded injury.  For me it was a severe cramp in my left calf when doing my long run in the second week of January.  I was stuck for time and had done it on roads.
I rested it, stretched, foam rolled and when I did a park run to test it the same agonising cramp happened again.  Quick visit to Julia in North down Physio and the problem was my lower back.  Everything is linked and a couple of sessions later with me doing my back block and tennis ball exercises every day it all seems to be back to normal.  I have done a few runs and this saturday I’ll be off to the snowy mournes for a 2 hour yomp with a few hills.

I guess the main thing I have been reminded off is that my body is 38 and has endured many years of torture.  My 9 years as a PTI in the Army catches up with me and adding miles without proper care to my body does take its toll.  I have changed my foot wear to Saucony which I know my feet prefer and now wear compression socks as well as my usual 3/4 compression running tights.

I am still very focused on my mourne way marathon in June.  This has been a slow month but I’m taking it as a lesson learnt to never take my body’s health for granted.