Excuses not to run

I have heard a lot of excuses and found myself saying some of them to myself on occasions too. But when the weather is wick, you are tired and have a hundred of things to do that are swirling around your head sometimes it’s just great to stick on your gutties and go for a run. 

It’s now the spring and as the weather has ‘warmed’ up a little it’s a great time to re-evaluate goals that were made in January.  I have done just that and last weekend entered the mourne way marathon which is now 12 weeks away.  I  am not going to put myself under pressure to have to get certain miles in which I know for me will be a disaster. Instead I’m going to run when I feel good, enjoy it and I know my miles will slowly creep up because it’s enjoyable. 
Yesterday I had message to run in carrick so went in my running gear and planned to stop off at lough shore in jordanstown on my way home for a run with cash. Disaster. It was awful I just felt well crap, I stopped went back to the car and thought right Claire forget about it and today went to stormont and had a fantastic wee run and Cash was feeding off my mood and he too had a good run. 
Exercise can be such a mental barrier, sometimes just getting out the front door is a real hardship but once you start it usually makes me feel 100%better.
We all have demons to overcome, sometimes or maybe always I use exercise to funnel my stress and mood out via sweat. I guess that’s why I love it so much because it clarifys things. That for me is huge.
So take a look at what goals you set yourself in January. Re jig them or if they have been met make new ones.
Thanks for reading.