Questions left unanswered.

So many question’s I have in my head and so many are all too often left unanswered.  What I mean by this is my head is very deep, I constantly want to know the meaning of everything I come across.  Why are things the shape they are, are they this shape for a reason and if so then why?

What this leads to is a wealth of seemingly useless information but I always feel it’s better to know the full facts.

So enough dribble and a quick fill in on the training, 8 week’s to the marathon and my training is coming along steadily.  I am enjoying the training and not placing pressure on myself.  I have invested in 2XU compression calf socks and shorts which have helped the cramps in the old calf muscles.  I always thought runners who wore compression socks looked stupid, now I also look stupid but know they do the trick so I can live with that.

I also now realised that running in the spring in winter gear is a bad idea, it leads to a salt marked sweat face and a face like busted mattress.  I could have stopped and taken off a layer or two but by that stage I was so far into the run I was nearly home and just wanted to die!

Cash and I ran in the Waggy Races 5km and it was the best run/race I have done in for a long time.  It was so much fun and all the dogs were brilliant, there were all shapes and sizes (dogs and owners) and cash ran like a pro.  We came second and won a photo shoot which will be easy as cash has no problem throwing a pose.  Next time I will try keep up with him and maybe we can win!

I always question things I do, maybe it’s not always good but I think it leads to lots of answers and future possibilities of these.  Try it, you will be surprised as to what it leads too.

Thanks for reading.

Here are a couple of pictures from the waggy races.  The boy done great!