Do you train with music?

I do, train with music that is.  But after a sync muck up on my shuffle I attempted my last long run yesterday before the Mourne way Marathon with just the slush sound of my bladder pack.  This makes you feel like you need to always go to the loo so the moral of the story is run with music.

I hit the Mourne way for a last big miler run, I was aiming for around 18 miles and a look around a section of it i’m not so familiar with.  This was achieved and i’m glad it did as sections around Spelga dam are very rough and still very muddy.  No real pain, just the usual sore knee on the tarmac section and a bit stiff on the last few miles.

I met another fella out running a marathon as he is doing the ultra (52) miles on the day.  We ran for a few miles together and I felt really inspired chatting to him.  Mountain runners are friendly folk much more so than road runners.  He was just telling me about the 100 mile race he is training for with 5000 odd feet of climbing he’s doing in six weeks.  I’d find this hard on my motorbike never mind my feet!

All my uniform (clothing and footwear) and food is now sorted.  My run last weekend which was short (10 miles) but a fair bit of ascent left me panicking as I had a banging headache after it.  I sweat a lot and do use an isotonic tablet in my water but I need more as the salt lost is not getting replaced hence the head.  A chat to John (knows all things medical) led to eating a packet of salt and shake crisps just before I started and salted peanuts when doing my cool down at the car.  A litre of water on the way home and another 1.5 litres odd that night.  Happy days, no head or nausea.  So a great excuse to eat crisps!

Oh over easter I ran the Mourne wall anti clockwise, this was tight, I shall return at the end of the summer to do it again.  Time was 8hours 55 but I blew up on the last three ascents, Binnian being the icing on the cake.  Here is a trip report

The picture is of me after the wall run.

Cash has been left at home on these longer runs as his wee legs aren’t built for 3/4 hours of running but I miss him and looking forward to getting back to shorter distances and him pulling me up the mountains!  
My next blog will be after the marathon and hopefully successful one at that.  I’m now gonna sync my i pod shuffle with heavy rock and 90s dance music.
Thanks for reading