How not to sunbathe…..

Us fair skinned N Irish folk should be sent into the sunshine with a ‘warning wear factor 50’ sign attached to our forehead. I have seen some pure belter farmer tans over the past month and some have been so good I have just had to mention them on this wee blog. I am tempted to attach pictures but that would be just embarrassing for the aforementioned fair skinned folk. 

Whoops. This just made it’s way on via a client who shall remain nameless. 
Sweating is a issue for me in this humid sticky and generally clammy weather, when I’ve trained dyorolite and litres of water have had to replace the lost salt.  It’s also a excuse to sprinkle saxa on my dinner, this then turns the heart out of me as I don’t normally do this. Salt is only ever added to chips, but I don’t eat chips so I’ll stop that sentence before it starts.  
July has been a good month training, I have been sweating in the mountains lots and trying to increase strength on hills. I do think now I’m not a natural runner, it all has to be worked at.  Some things i am naturally good at but running isn’t, that’s why I sound like something not wise in the mountains, puffing away and talking to myself (swearing) when I’m getting it tight. 

I had a week off work and also a break from training, fantastic, this was abruptly broken with the sea to sky10km in Newcastle, taking in parts of the granite trail. I’m easily swayed with a t shirt and actually enjoyed the flatter terrain. I clocked a 54.10 which was ok I guess. I blame the humidity. 
So the moral of this blog is to get outside, sweat and do something that makes you smile. 
Thanks for reading