A late August blog

I really struggled to find my writing mojo last month but was struck with some motivation when running up cavehill earlier. It was a fantastic morning to get outside, blue skies, early morning sunshine and I had the task of 10/12 miles to get into my legs. 

Belfast is my home but I will forever be a country girl, the mournes are where I get clarity but I all too often neglect the small hills that tower over our city.  Divis and cavehill are on my door so up I went to cavehill to try and have a blast over and around a few of the large masts. They all have tracks to them so I thought I’d go explore. 

Here’s the path up to the big nose.

Up to the first mast via a disused quarry

All going well and I navigated to the first big one to the left of cavehill which I crossed a busy road to get too.  Cows and barbed wire aren’t my friend and I really don’t trust flimsy fences so a quick divert to a dead end before returning on the path I came down.  Had to take in the closest mast to cavehill as well, they really are quite big when up close, a big of an eyesore but I guess we all need them for everyday life.

The path from the road which I crossed back up again.

View near the top looking out to Belfast Lough, there’s a ferry too.

Then a bit of an adventure via the zoo, it really needs to be signposted better.  

The direct route up to nose as i call it is only a couple of miles max, easily done if you fancy a great view of the lough, and on a good day (which I had) you can see for miles and miles.  

Go explore our city. 

Thanks for reading.