It’s a Woman’s world.

Well it is, I think anyway.  Us women have many advantages over the male kind, higher pain thresholds, longer endurance levels and the ability to be incredibly marvellous at any task.

In saying this I do find that as a woman heading into the mountains on my own on a camp or on a run with only my beagle, Cash for company I get lots of comments regarding if its safe and should I really be doing something as dangerous as this.  Perhaps if I were a man these comments would be the same but I really don’t believe so.

I am also known for meeting strange men in car parks prior to events, seems weird but I think its fine and sure they don’t know me so they are in the same boat.  Two days in the Mourne’s and sharing a tent is always a good test if the team paring is going to work.

This month I have had Cash out running again training for the upcoming Waggy races on 7th December.  Unfortunatly the wee man has an ear infection and a few mites to annoy him, I really wish he could talk to me and tell me how he is feeling.  His flappy ears are cute but he does get these from time to time.  So no running for now, just walks and lots of ear rubs.

We did have a lovely walk up Divis Mountain at the weekend, it was a crisp day and Cash was having a ball running in the long grass.  There are a few new trails up there and worth a visit.  I took  a few photos which I’ve shared below.

Beside the barn on the walk in.

On the summit trail.

Misty view of Divis.

They are an eyesore but have to go somewhere I guess.  The ‘rocketship’ mast.

View over the Lough.

There is now a coffee shop in the National Trust ‘barn’.  We didn’t go in as didn’t have any money on us but next time I would pop in for a coffee.

Belfast is a great wee city to look down on and Divis is worth the walk, even if you have kids they would manage it no bother.  There is a Tarmac road so if you have scooters or bikes they can pedal right to the top.

Hopefully next month Cash and I will be dressed as Elf’s and have a blast round Murlough Bay in the Waggy races 5km.  If you want some canine fun get yourself entered

Thanks for reading