Its all about the dog’s.

Cash has been preparing for this race and even an ear infection and wee operation to clean his ears out didn’t stop him.  It was going to be more of a question of could I keep up to his pace not the other way round.

Waggy races is just fantastic, lots of like-minded people all getting together to run or walk with their dog in a 5km route.  Cash is a veteran and has ran in all three now.  The route for this one was in Murlough beach, coupled with a December race it was bound to be chilly.  Well flipping freezing was more like it, we were glad to be dressed as elf’s for the extra warmth from the costumes!

Cash was just chilling before the race, it was after all a Sunday.

Mummy bought me this costume, as  you can see I look cute.
We were asked by Neil to take the warm up, Cash took it in his stride.
Freezing at the start line ready for this Race, bring it on puppies.
Cash flew round the 5km route, 2km on the beach followed by grass tracks and sand dunes.  I was glad of his pulling power on the hills and he was just out for a wee toot as they say in the country.
I won third prize in the female (owner) category and a Prize for the best costume.  Treats!
The boy done good and I was extremely proud of him.  As any dog owner will say, they have the best looking, cutest and fittest dog ever.  
We had a brilliant day and Cash wants to say thanks to his supporters and his bestie Hamish for the cool company.
Pure wrecked.
Thanks for reading.