Christmas snow in the Mournes

Santa was good to me and after a quick trip to Podium to spend my vouchers I was ready to take on the snowy Mourne’s with new socks, trainer’s (Inov8 mud claw 300s)  and underwear.  Yes underwear, Helly hansen pants to be exact and I can report they are very much worth the sale price of £13.  I had wore my trainers on the Boxing day turkey trot race and was very impressed with the grip, snow would be a bigger test.

As I was going to be running on my own I stayed on the Glen river path and knew i’d go up Commedagh, this seemed to be the sensible decision in case I fell, the route was indeed busy with the usual walkers.  The path was very icy so I stayed off it as much as possible until I got to the saddle where the grip was less of a problem as the snow was deep.  
The Mountains are truly beautiful and mesmerising in the snow, I could sit and stare at it for hours just taking in the different views the rocks and crags throw at you.  This is why I go back time and time again, for the views and inner peace I get for the time i’m up there.    
The ascent up Commedagh
If you saw me you would say that girl is mad, running about in lycra, trainers and a pair of stupid looking pink socks in the freezing cold with snow on the ground.  Strange looks are normal for any mountain runner, it just makes me smile as I know I’m in a beautiful place .
Commedagh is a fantastic mountain, a nice climb up with a great view awaiting you at the summit.
Amazing really.  Looking toward Castlewellen.

Lunch with a view over Binnian
The sky was also beautiful today
After a quick bite of lunch I returned via the same route sticking to the grass and away from the frozen paths.  I resisted sliding down and ripping another pair of leggings. 
New mudclaws are fabulous.
Snow and ice may change our routes slightly and add extra weight to your pack with extra safety gear but it is not an excuse not to get outside and enjoy the mountains.  If anything I enjoy it more as it adds an extra dimension.
Thanks for reading.