Portstewart waggy races

What a weekend!  Cash has been out on his travels taking in a few well known ‘game of  thrones’ sets as well as watching the six nations and running in the 4th waggy races.

We booked ourselves into the pet friendly ‘inn on the coast’ hotel and I have to say it was great.  The child was able to have a proper weekend away and he was all over it. 
Settling in

We started off with a stop at the ‘dark hedges’. A busy wee spot and lots of tourists taking using selfie sticks.  
The dark hedges

Then it was over to Dunluce castle for another GOT check in.  He had a good rake about this pretty cool place.


After a quick check in we ordered a pet friendly taxi (only in the country) and went for a few refreshments in yes you guessed it the pet friendly ‘harbour bar’.  Cash was of course the centre of attention and was loving all the ohhhhs and ahhhhs from the locals.

Chilling in the Harbour bar

The boy was shattered after a full day of being loved so an early night was called for. 
The race

Up and down the strand was the route. The weather was fantastic and after a quick warm up 
Downward dog on the warm up

we were ready for the race.  I gave the wee man a chat and how he would get a big treat if he pulled his mummy around the 5km. 
Pep talk
Ready for it

Flying down the 1st KM

Coming to the finish, my face matched my t shirt!

No rosette this time but the competition was high!  He was however the best looking dog there, I think anyway.

Auntie Ruth always has treats

A great day and a big thank you to Auntie Ruth for the support.

Post race recovery

Thanks for reading