Marathon des sables

This race has always appealed to me on a huge scale. I remember seeing it on TV a good few years back and thinking I would just love to be able to do it. Up until the last year I never considered it as my running was never that serious. 

No longer a hockey player I now have a love of running trails and mountains. I’m not that good but for me that’s not a drama. It gives me what I need. 
Anyway so around Christmas I registered interest in the 2016 and 2017 race. Last week 08/April I got an email saying there was a place all I had to do was pay the deposit (£500 ouch) and it would be mine. I nearly didn’t, what if I failed?  I told myself to wise up and quickly got the plastic out!  
So this time next year I’ll be hopefully finished 150 odd miles over 6 days in the Sahara desert in Morocco. The heat tips 40/50 degrees C. HOTTER THAN HOT!
Here’s a link to some pics from Ian Cordless from this years race that just finished.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes just completed it, flipping amazing is how I’d describe him. If inspiration is what you need then read this.
First thing is to try get a local company to sponsor me to cover some or all of the £3600 entry fee. 
Then I need to decide which charity I will raise money for. I want to do this as it will make me finish it no matter what.  I would like to link in BRCA research, possibly cancer focus?  Not sure yet. 
Anyway wanted to put it out there peeps, I’ll not bore you all with it for the next year but will update on things like the charity I choose and how things are going. 
Meantime I need to get my will sorted and check my life insurance is up to date.  
Thanks for reading