Fundraising for the MDS

#findmike if anyone watched this moving programme and wasn’t touched by the final comments about not walking past the guy on a bridge then I really can’t say anything. It was a moving documentary of one mans struggle with mental illness that took him to the point of wanting to end his life to stop the voices in his head.

I was fully expecting to save and pay for the MDS myself but have managed to get the entry fee and maybe some of the kit that i’ll need for the desert sponsored as well.  I will write more about this and the company soon but I really am very lucky and this is a huge boost for me.

With this I am going to fundraise for the Samaritans Belfast.  I was going to do a Cancer charity but have changed to this very worthwhile charity that I feel is used by many but probably doesn’t get many people fundraising for them.

They are 100% reliant on contributions and fundraising.  A charity that do great work not only with a 24hr helpline but offer many services outside of this.

I have set up a just giving page as a start and have set myself a target go £1500.  I will run a few events after Christmas and start my swear bucket in the studio which is always popular.