I used to try and score them in a hockey pitch but now I have been challenged to set one before I embark on the specific training for the MDS in April 16.  

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster of late but I did squeeze In the Tollymore trail marathon (5.06) and apart from the hard surface I got on grand.  I needed a new pair of gloves after eating too many peanuts and cake at mile 17, suffering gastric distress and wishing I’d packed lol roll.  I sacrificed my gloves as my buff and hat were not items I wanted to loose.  
Funny I know but one of the perils of running.  I thank the baby Jesus I was in the woods and not on the streets of Belfast.  
I also met up with Chris on the marathon who is Scottish and also running the MDS. He’s an ex Squaddie too so my cup of tea in terms of humour and outlook on life. I can see us getting on grand and it’s good to get to know someone plus he understands my accent   

So this weekend I was in the big smoke of London for the MDS Expo.  I wanted to hear James Cracknell and last years winner Elizabet Barnes speak.  James was excellent and I really enjoyed his talk and seeing what drives him. He really is a legend and had overcame huge obstacles throughout his career. 

Elizabet was also very very inspirational. She spoke about having a goal and how important this is what you enter a race such as the Marathon Des Sables. Perhaps just finishing isn’t enough and we should all strive for more. That way there is more chance of exceeding what your goal was. 

For me my goal is to get to the finishing line in one piece but perhaps I should strive for a wee bit more.  
Food for thought. 
At the expo there were lots of very fit looking people tucking into the free Expedition food rations, I stuck to a baby bel and banana I took from the hotel that morning.  It was slightly intimidating but I have to remember that it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch.
I met a couple of Irish lads who were dead on and bumped into chris again too.
A good weekend and definitely worth it to hear both those speakers and I got a free Rucksack too so happy days.  You can never have enough. 

Had to take a scoot to Chinatown for some food then back to gatwick. 
The next time I’ll be here will be April and I’ll be flapping like a pigeon!
Thanks for reading