Sand and windburn in Donegal.

So I just thought I’d do a wee post about what i’ve been up to for the past while.

Its now late December and I’m back from a very relaxing break in Donegal.   I learnt a few lessons in the past week, the first one being that drinking Gin gives me a smashing headache and reminds me why I don’t partake in alcohol that much any more.  The second being strong winds on a beach make the sand whip up like a Mr Whippy into my eyes and stay there for several days causing my hungover eyes to look even worse that before.

Falcarragh beach

It was a brilliant week and I got a good few days in the dunes and soft sand which is harsh but great at the same time.  Falcarragh Beach is my favourite place to train when over the border.  The beach is long and wide with only a few local people walking their dogs for company.  My kinda place really.  I also got to really explore Ards forest park and again I was lucky to hit it when there was a low tide so the beach was exposed and allowed for some good sand training with the advantage of interesting trails.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

A boat that had a rocky end on the beach in Ards forest.

Throughout December I have been doing (for the third time) the ‘Marcothon’.  It’s basically either 30 minutes or 3 miles every day during December.  I used  it as a bit of a motivator in a month were traditionally fitness ebbs off and motivation can lack slightly.  I have to say this year the day I really struggled with was Boxing day.  I argued and toiled with myself because I just wanted to light the turf fire in the cottage and relax.  I did go out but I came up with every possible excuse in my head.

The moon setting over a flooded Ards forest

December is the start of my training for the MDS as well, it’s not too bad and I am really glad I got a
good Summer and Autumn in the mountains into my legs.  Bikram yoga also gave me a rather sweaty awakening, I was a hot sweaty mess but got through it ok.  The plan is to go every other week until late February then i’ll start cranking it up through March until I fly out.

Race number 1219 and i’m not 40 just yet.

I also want to just give my small piece of advice in another period of the year that we are forced to feel different because it’s a ‘new year’.  It’s just another day, happenes to just be 2016.  Don’t set yourself up for a fail with an unachievable resolution.  Instead what I now do is try and achieve a goal.  It can be anything but try and make it something that will bring you enjoyment, never ‘stop’ something, begin and achieve it.
The traditional photo of cash flaunting his ears up cavehill on Tuesday

Happy 2016, go ahead set yourself a goal that bring joy!