The ‘don’t talk about it’ Bikram joys.

So as you maybe or maybe don’t know in 7 weeks I’m off to the scorching Western Sahara desert for a trot lasting 7days. The marathon des sables.  

Now as we have a wet and cold climate pretty much all year with a small glimmer of sunshine in April or May heat acclimatision needed to be in another form.  Enter Bikram yoga.  I had read that this was the way to go and if you can get a heat chamber add this in as well closer to race day.
Week one the ‘boss’ (the girl who runs the studio and is the boss, I’m scared of her) shows me around and brings me into the room.  My comment was ‘Jees oh it’s roasting in here’. Slightly obvious as the clue is in the name. 40c and 30% humidity. The sweat instantly lashes off me and my cheeks flushed a really red colour. It’s obvious I’m new as my clothing was wrong (less is better) and my face grimacing into each pose trying to force it and in my own stupidity trying to get deeper that everyone else in the opening squat sequence. 
The sweat was dripping off my knees and shins, I was getting wrinkles by all the faces I was pulling meanwhile the Bikram regulars seemed to be breathing slowly and controlled and enjoying it.
The competitive Claire never leaves me.  It’s a good thing usually but last week ‘the boss’ had a Pepe talk with me and said to relax and breathe.  Mmmmmmm. Have to say it was so so much better. 
So the wind removing poses do actually just that.  Not so good trying to hold in farts when doing a full sit up.  But somehow I manage and the journey home is usually a cold one with the window open. 
The colon massages work and well I’ll just say that it’s a good cleanser!  
The heat is getting slightly more bearable, I still look like a gasping dog in a hot day trying to do move into a back bend but it is getting more bearable.  

Joy of joys to come in the last two weeks I have booked myself into a heat chamber in UUJ for 5sessions. Bikram on a treadmill………I’ll update you on that as I’m sure the photos will be enough to make you really laugh out loud. 
Seven weeks.  
Keep er lit
Thanks for reading