One month to lift off update

I’ll be brief. It’s been horrific training for this race. 

How you ask? 
1.  Gastric distress.  If you don’t know what this is then google it.  I’ve been trying to experiment eating on my long runs what I hope to eat in the Sahara.  This has led to lots of different foods being crossed off the list, the harsh lesson of always carrying loo roll and sussing out where the public toilets are whilst on my long runs is now normal. 
2. I have a life.  Yes I may be a 40 year old but I’ve been trying to not let the training take over my life. The MDS is  always on my mind and I’ve fitted pretty much all the sessions in but falling asleep at 8pm on a Saturday night isn’t much craic.  I’ve been squeezing in the odd long run on a Thursday so as to free up weekends to do normal things that normal people do.
3.  Tiredness just eats me up. I’m pretty lucky in that I can sleep anywhere but my usual 7 hours just ain’t cutting it.  I’ve realized this and just listen to my body. If I need sleep I just get it.  I found the run to work commutes great for increasing the mileage but lately they were adding to less sleep and more tiredness so have left them out.  
I have listened to my body as I believe if it needs rest then you should give it. 
A wee taster of what it actually is. 
On the plus side I can eat eat eat!  Pretty much anything and I am conscious of not losing weight so I have some in the reserve tank to loose on the race.  
It’s 4 weeks tomorrow until I fly out and meet all the other Brits.  Have I trained enough?  Will I be fit enough?  I trust my training and I trust my body. 
I have another big long run tomorrow that I’ll squeeze in which leaves the weekend free for some quality time with my niece and nephew who I’m taking to Stormont parkrun and of course following it up with brunch. 
I have all the kit and food bought that I need, that’s a stress but I’ve stuck with what I know works for me and I had to leave the MDS Facebook group for runners.  There were too many egos on it bumming and blowing about their achievements. 
Don’t talk about it, just do it. 
I would appreciate if you could share this post and donate what you can to my chosen charity The Samaritans Belfast. ALL MONEY DONATED WILL GO TO THE CHARITY. 
I am doing the Marathon Des Sables 2016 for Belfast Samaritans because It has always been my dream and I’m mad.

I currently have £825 on the page and want to double that. 
Get on and whack a tenner or whatever you can, I’d appreciate it. 
I’ll update again during the two weeks before I go when I get into the heat chamber and start sweating. 
Keep er lit