Days to go…..

I’m counting the sleeps now until I go. The bag has been packed, unpacked, repacked and weighed trying to eliminate all non essentials and ‘just in case’ items so I am as light as possible with the correct amount of food/warm gear and essential items.

The kit

The essentials and luxuries.  Add in a tiny esbit stove and some hypafix tape for my feet.

Speeping system and warm gear

Food for 7 days.  Varying from 2800-4000 per day.  Each day is bagged and vac packed to reduce size.

I had a big shop at Lidl to get all my breakfast, running snacks and extra food items. My main evening meal is an 800 calorie feast from Expedition foods.  I stuck with what I know I can stomach and eat on the go.  This has been tested on my many training runs and after a few mishaps resulting in a touch of gastric distress I got it down to a nice selection of snacks. 
I thought that pork scratchings might be a nice alternative to nuts but it turns out when you eat them whilst running it feels like you are munching on a pigs trotter.  They were quickly crossed off my list and fed to Cash my beagle. 
7.9 kg add to this water (1.8kg), road book, salt tablets and GPS tracker.

The heat chamber was cancelled as it is broken, so I upped the Bikram yoga  sessions and have settled myself back down after the panic of not getting into it. 
Lessons I have learnt on this journey –
.  Adapt and if needs be reschedule a session if you are too tired.  I switched a few long runs about to different days and it definitely helped. 
.  Listen to your body, like above switch sessions if you aren’t up to it on the day you planned to run.  Sleep and food heal all.
.  Practice eating the food you hope to take and if it causes problems cross it off the list. Just because someone says bounce balls are the best doesn’t mean they are right for you. In fact they are hard to get through when running. 
.  Train to the level you know won’t leave you injured. As I said above what someone else thinks is right doesn’t mean you have to do it. 
.  Plan your training and stick to it.  
.  Get some good podcasts downloaded because 4 hours of music gets to you after a while.  I personally loved ‘stuff you should know’ and desert island discs. 
.  Don’t run with weight too soon. I added 1kg every three weeks or so.  Slow down as the weight increases. 
I hope that all my training and preparation will be enough. I know my body is ready and my mind is as stubborn and head strong as always.  
You can live track me here enter my race number 1219.  There is also an option to send me a message there too. 
My fundraising for the Belfast Samaritans is nearly at £2000. Here is the link
Thanks for reading