German biscuit and snowball temptation.

It’s been 10 weeks now since I returned from Morocco and initially I thought I would be back to ‘normal’ after 4ish weeks. This was quickly made a dream as the tiredness, craving snowball buns and general body urrrgh took over. 

I was full of ideas of getting back to some of the Fell races but after a wee run in the mountains to test the legs I knew it would be foolish and end up resulting in injury. 
See we all think we’re invincible, mentally and physically.  Maybe we need to sit back and let the recovery process happen more often. Stress, physical and mental all have massive implications on us.  Every now and again it’s good to switch off the phone, put the laptop away and simply switch off.  Read a book whatever it is you do to leave the daily grind behind, try it for 1 hour or 1 day and I guarantee your body will thank you for it. 
I imagine my body is like it was in my 20s and thought after the sufferfest I inflicted on myself before and during the race it would be grand after a few weeks rest.
How wrong was I, but I realized this and reluctantly didn’t race or train hard just keeping my body ticking over and spending some time on my next project. 
Every time I walk past the window of the Feenleaf bakery on the Cregagh road I see those snowballs sitting in the window asking me to buy one. I stare longingly at it, the icing sugar with sweet coconut encasing the crumbly cake filling. I try and refrain, mostly I do but once a week or so I walk in the door and the lady always smiles making buying the bun a nice experience.  Once I’m in the shop the German biscuits behind the counter look far far too delicious to leave there so I usually get one of those as well.  I really am like a kid in a sweet shop wanting to buy one of everything because I can’t decide. 

Temptation is strong and I try but sometimes fail in my fight against buns. 
This fight will continue.
So onwards and upwards to my next challenge.  This time it won’t be so physically hard as I plan to work my brain a bit on this one. 
Thanks for reading