Winter is coming

Christmas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Personally I dislike all the hype and stress to eat and drink far too much.  Just because it’s a birthday of someone who supposedly lived a long time ago?  
In fact I find it very hard to stomach.  The pressure of how happy we should all feel and how lovely our lives should be is suffocating.
I’d quite happily head to the mountains for a couple of days but settle instead on heading away over Christmas.  
This Christmas is the same as every one for me, I think too much about the people who are no longer with me and this doesn’t  make me happy, it makes me angry and quite sad. This I feel is the same for a lot of other people and maybe you can add in a few more feelings too, who knows.  Christmas and January are a very low and lonely time for a lot of people, look around you right now and I bet you are looking at some of these people. Me included. 
The social pressures of how we should act is huge, I love being away at Christmas as being anonymous in a city or town is somehow better than having memories stirred up at home. 
New year is the same and every New Year’s Day I start it with a run in the mountains which is what I call my church. I go there to clear my head, talk to myself and feel myself alive in the beautiful scenery again.  Recharged I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I arrived. 

So this January yes it’s a long month, but the winter solstice has passed and with that the longer nights come back. Make new goals, work at them and feel the satisfaction when you smash them.  For me 2017 will be a fun year, I want to write more, run an ultra and continue with my 365 photos on Instagram.  All these are achievable and I know I’ll feel massive pride in myself when I tick them off.  Small, achieveable, realistic and most of all enjoyable are what you should set your new year goals as.  
Don’t look at the coffee cup half empty, take measures into your hands and fill it up yourself. 
Social pressures are just that. Don’t conform, be yourself and rewrite your Christmas story.