Glenariff pain 

I have been doing a bit of training over the winter months and thought come the first race of the fell running calender for me I’d be smashing previous times.  The only thing that got smashed were my Quad muscles!

The pain during the race was of course mighty, Glenariff is short but steep and with a 2mile flat, 1mile climb with the same return leg it is a lung buster.

The pain of the flat

My previous time of 1.03 was in my sights with a plan in place of going out hard and trying to keep the pace as hard as I could until I got to the climb.  This is my weakness so hanging in behind a girl in a pink T shirt was the plan, although she was a complete stranger I was not going to let her beat me.

The climb

After a wild hard climb up the Glen it was a full stampede descent and the girl in the pink t shirt was soon caught and passed. My Heart rate was pumping in the 170bpm and this is close to my maximum.

Next thing I know it’s back onto the flat muddy fields and Pink T shirt passes me again much to my rage, no matter what I did I could not catch up with her.  Total rage engulfed me.

The mighty Mourne runners

I crossed the line, congratulated this stranger on her Victory and vowed to remember her face for the next race.

All week I have struggled to walk up and down stairs, clients have laughed and I had sore ribs until Wednesday.

No sympathy was given, not that I expect any but it would have been nice.  I shuffled about all week rubbing Tiger balm on my legs hoping it would magically make them better.

Recovery was slow.  I did take my own advice and rest letting my body repair itself before I punish it again.
All photos from NI Running Facebook page

Here’s a link to the race report.

Thanks for reading.