It’s been a while

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I thought I’d update you as to my absence.  Basically I have been winning medals at procrastination, I am now so good at it, it happens without my knowledge.

My level 3 ILM lifecoach course has been ongoing from September last year.  Just after I got married without telling anyone apart from the guests.  There are three big assignments to complete as well as practice coaching and as much as I loved the practical element the assignment writing is slowly killing my will.  I have been gradually working away when I’m normally in the mountains running.   Big sacrifices but it’ll be worth it.

OK so I did manage a quick run in the snow. 

It’s a new chapter to my Business and hopefully one I can use with present and future clients.  I am a great believer in challenging myself to push my abilities and skills, normally I’d just enter a wacky race to do this.

Lifecoaching is fascinating as I use my skills as a coach to guide a client through challenges, changes or moves in their life.  It doesn’t mean I tell you what to do, I empower you to make changes.  That’s the general jist of it, there’s an awful lot more to it but that’s how I quickly explain it. Fascinating and I’m buzzing to get the course finished and start out on my journey as a coach.

My biggest obstacle in this journey is me.  I was bored in school and drifted out of 5th year with three Cs a couple of  Ds, one E and a G.  Looking back nothing interested me except PE and as my school was small they didn’t do it as a GCSE or I’d have gotten an A.  I know I learn from practical work and learning from a book seems like a huge obstacle as it never sinks in.

My grades have always made me unconfident of book learning, even now it still terrifies me as the only thing my teachers said was ‘could work harder’.  That’s why when I eventually get this last assignment finished and pass the course I’ll say what’s next as I am fascinated about the link between how you think, act and achieve things.  The brain controls so much and I know if it’s onside and strong then you can pretty much do anything. 

My biggest critic is myself.  Failing isn’t an option so cracking on this weekend and getting another few questions finished is again on the cards.

Thanks for reading.  More exciting blogs will follow, I promise.