Writing a book.

A like a challenge, this is obvious when you look back at the crazy stuff I do.  The Lifecoaching course I recently finished was tough too, that’s nearly completed and i’m just waiting for my last two assignments to get marked.  It’s like waiting to get to the start line of a big race.  All the work is done and i’m waiting to start on my journey of pain or in this case using my new skills to work with new clients.

All this set aside and what do I do next?  Take a break maybe some of you will say but that would be boring and against my principle of always pushing my boundaries.  

Write a book then.  I started this project before my course and sorta lost my flow once the assignments and work took over for this.  Thats now over so its time to get back to writing.  No proscratining or putting it off, get the time in my diary, create a quiet environment and off I go.

Everyone has a story, each one unique to each person but weather or not you want it out in the public domain is up to you.  I feel my life so far in its 42 years has had a fair bit of action, it’s amazing as i’ve been writing how much I have buried deep away in my brain somewhere.  Sometimes I start writing and just have to close the laptop, its too upsetting.  Memories come back, what certain situations smelled like, what I was wearing, what I was eating, things that I buried a long time ago.  

I will keep writing this book even if it kills me, ill try to keep it as honest and as raw as possible.  My story will get told and maybe it’ll only get read by a couple of people but it will be my achievement to get it published.  I want to do it so I will.

Two fingers up to my teachers who said I should work on my handwriting, get a job as a secretary and didn’t push me.  I did that myself.

Watch this space.