I have been training with Claire since 2009 (wow 6 years!) and boy has she kicked my ass into gear. When I first started with Claire, I was new to exercise and my weight had been up and down over the years between a size 14 to a size 22 .

My problem was I did not know how to eat healthy and was too lazy to exercise as thought it was too hard, so I ate and drank whatever I liked. I got away with that lifestyle for a while but as I got older it caught up with me and I knew I had to change my lifestyle. So I plucked up the courage and joined the gym, which was scary to me because I had no clue what to do.

My new journey in life began as this is where I met Claire who took me under her wing and introduced me to kettle bells, which I fell in love with straight away. I loved this fun way to work out and also get a cardio workout involved in the one session. And yes my body did hurt getting fit and still does at times.  I have been introduced to so many fun ways to exercise and am very proud of how strong I have become. I now can swing the Bulgarian bag, swing and lift heavier kettle bells, lift weights on the Olympic bar, do pull-ups, push –ups, run on the treadmill, do Squats, burpees, bear lifts (my fav!) squats and even have fun on the TRX .

Claire has over the years taught me how to eat healthy, helped me become passionate about exercise, pushed me through barriers that I never could reach on my own and never thought my body could reach. She has made me laugh and driven me to tears and feeling sick with the hardcore training sessions. She creates fun training programs for me to use in the gym also so I stay interested and focused.

So this is why I am still with Claire as she is the real deal. She does tell me to suck it up but she is fun not mean and this is why I love going to my sessions every Monday morning at 7.30am.

Astrid Johnston . Age 42